Fishbone Interactive

Who Am I?

I'm a creative, freelance user experience consultant with over 15 years of experience working from Toronto, Canada. I am an empathetic ux designer & researcher and a good listener who is able to tune in to users’ needs and business goals.

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I work with small and large Canadian and U.S. clients from a variety of industries such as:

- Healthcare
- Financial
- Telecommunications
- Non-profit

Case Studies

What My
Colleagues Say

  • “Dianne expertly guided our User Design from okay to amazing … With care, consideration, a deep understanding of what our users were trying to accomplish Dianne transformed our tool into something intuitive and a real pleasure to use. I consider Dianne to be a magician of user design.

    Heather Krause, iDatassist

  • “Dianne is incredibly easy to work and communicate with, and she ramps herself up on projects very quickly. She became familiar with a very nonstandard and highly technical business and was able to grasp the needs and frustrations of several key departments in no time at all!”

    Helen Splagounias, Burst Media

  • “Dianne's design work blends science and intuition, research and creativity. She's comfortable with complex domains, producing clever solutions to usability problems, effective information architectures, and winning user experiences.”

    Avi Soudack, Brightroom

  • “Professional and insightful, Dianne is our expert of choice for usability testing and interaction design. Her findings uncover why end users stumble and her design recommendations shift online behaviour toward organizational goals - which is just as important as ease of use!”

    Diane McKerlie, Design Strategy

  • “Dianne's attention to critical details and her insightful suggestions resulted in important modifications to the design of our programs, and helped to ensure their success. I highly recommend including her in any project where user interface design is critical (and it always is!).”

    Gordon Tait, Hospital for Sick Children

  • “I very much enjoyed working with Dianne. She has an intuitive sense of what works on the web, backed up by years of experience and a focus on usability. Her no-nonsense, straightforward approach helped our project run smoothly despite very tight timelines and competing client needs.”

    Kate Stewart, Brightweb